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The Village at Clark Brook

Old Dover Road & Blackwater Road, Rochester, New Hampshire


The Village at Clark Brook is located in Rochester, New Hampshire near the Dover and Somersworth Town lines. In 2005 a previous developer created a Planned Unit Development consisting of different types of residential and commercial units. 23 elderly units in the P.U.D. were built, but the project stalled and was eventually bought by our client who wanted to amend the previous approval. Through a year-long process, Bedford Design worked with the City and Planning Board to update the original documents and design. Once we received approval we began to design the subdivision and site plans for 144 apartments, 9 duplex lots, 3 live/work lots, and 47 single family lots. The project is currently under construction.

  • The wetland permit consisted of a large stream crossing with a box culvert.

  • Municipal water needed to be extended almost a mile along Old Dover Road. This needed to be completed before the re-paving of Old Dover Road and before construction could begin.

  • The original P.U.D. Approval required two amendments.

  • The project required NHDES Subsurface approval for four large community septic systems and over 59 individual lots.


The wetland permit required a study of the upstream watershed and options for reducing the disturbance to the natural ecosystem.  As a solution, a culvert was designed in a way that it would allow wildlife to pass through.

The four community septic systems required an expanded nitrate setback from the property lines.  As a result, the systems had to be spaced throughout the project’s open space and several force mains were required to feed the extended leach bed locations.

Permits Received
  • NH State Subdivision Approval

  • City of Rochester Subdivision and Site Plan Approval

  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendments to 2005 documents

  • NHDES Alteration of Terrain

  • NHDES Stream Crossing Permit

  • NHDOT Driveway Permit

  • NHDES Subsurface Approval for the community and individual septic systems

  • Rochester Conservation Commission

Supporting Documents
  • Stormwater Drainage Report

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

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